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They Called Another Man Daddy (+16)

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They Called Another Man Daddy (+16)

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Summary- It’s being over five years since Sam left the SGC to married Pete. Now she is on the run from an abusive husband, with her three daughters. What happens when she runs into old friends? What happens when she runs into the father of her children?

Pairings- Pete/Sam, Jack/Sam, Daniel/Janet.

Warnings- Story involves domestic violence
Disclaimer- Not mine.

Chapter One- Early Morning

“Bye Honey, See you tonight” Pete waved as he left for work.

“See ya” Sam smiled back the ever dutiful wife, Pete required. She was part of his prefect life- wife, family, house, car, great job.

But as soon as the car turned the corner she headed back to the house ,her smile in place until she was inside, only slightly whining as she felt the newly bruised muscles protest to the movement.

Last night she had been hit again this time because dinner had been late, with was new but this time he did it in front of the girls and when Faith had tried to protect her he almost hit her. Sam had to leave she had to protect her daughters.

Entering her room she threw some clothes into a bag before added her other odds and ends. Then making her way to the girls’ room, she gently woke each one.

“Mommy” Hope asked starting to wake up.

“Sweetie, time to get up we’re going on a trip” Sam answered the unasked question before moving on.

“Wat’s happin” asked Faith still half a sleep.

Repeating the message, Sam moved on to her third daughter, Charity and gently waking her.

“Mommy, the sun isn’t even up”

“I know angel, we’re going on a trip”

Once all three girls were up and had started getting dressed. Sam started packing bags for them.

“Where we going Mommy?”

“Just away, Charity sweetie”

“But where Mommy?”

“Hope. Mommy isn’t sure yet OK, quick finish getting dressed”

For the next few minutes the silence was only broken by dressers opening and closing, and the rustling of clothes.


“Me too”

“Me three”

Turning Sam took in the sight of her three girls, dressed in jeans and matching sweaters, their blond, wavy hair was still masses of tangles that hang just below their shoulders and their chocolate brown eyes still held the last remains of sleep. And she became even more determine to protect her triplets.

Smiling she clapped her hands.
“Alright campers, breakfast, lets move out” and picking up the bags she just packed lead the girls downstairs.
After the breakfast affair was over, Sam managed to get the girls hair done and got them to brush their teeth and wash their faces in record time.

“OK girls out to the car” It was time to go.

Sam knew she was doing the right thing her girls were never going to have to deal with what she had do over the last five years, it’s funny really Janet had been right. Pete liked to be in control of everything. He decided everything. She did get to choose the girls names, but only because he was away on a case when she went into labor.


Her name being called snapped Sam out of her thoughts, and grabbing her purse plus the bags she headed out to the car.

Making a return trip of a Quilt and pillows, when she saw how sleepy her babies were.

With the people mover packed and the triplets settled it was time to go.

Within minutes of being on the road the girls were fast asleep. And Sam fell back in to her own thoughts.

When Pete had finally got to the hospital after the birth, he was the prefect husband and new father. But when the triplets had went down for their first nap once she had returned back to the house she received her first backhand, which he informed her was for choosing the girls names without him. His hand connecting with her skin had been such a shock. Yes he had yelled at her before but he had never hit her. After that it became almost regular, every time he didn’t approve of something. She would end up with a new bruise.

Hitting the freeway she breathed a sign of relief, she was finally free of Denver and Pete. It was time to make a new life for her and her daughters.


A boy and a girl can be just friends eventually one of them will fall for the other, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late or maybe, just maybe ... forever.

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