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Kanone Hilbert

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Kanone Hilbert

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Kanone Hilbert
A Blade Child
with a dual personality. He could be cute and friendly or manipulative
and insane. He was very close to Eyes. He would cry for Eyes when Eyes
could not when they were young, but their friendship fell apart as they
grew older and developed vastly different opinions on the fate of the
Blade Children. Kanone will go as far as he can to kill the people who
give the Blade Children false hope, to prove to Eyes and the Blade
Children they have no hope. Kanone is even willing to work with the
Hunters to prove to the Blade Children that they have no hope. He does
not believe that the Blade Children can be saved from their fates.
Later on in the manga he regains his sanity and believes that Ayumu can
save the blade children from a horrible fate. Just when he finally
believes they can all be saved Hizumi kills him, he tells Ayumu to use
his death as an opportunity. He also is an expert in fighting, he
taught all the introduced Blade Children how to fight.
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