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Sinistra si Dextera

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Sinistra si Dextera

Mesaj Scris de StrippedxLust la data de Vin 15 Ian 2010, 12:26

Sinistra (Latin for left) - GOTT ES Member (S Class), apparent age 18, partner to Dextera. Special ability: "Whenever".
Among this handsome duo of ES Members, Sinistra appears to be the
silent type, but he is really a sociable person. He is also very
chivalrous. Whenever he is in battle, he is calm, collected and
fearless. His ability appears to be energy manipulation, however its
only used when his partner is present. They each unleash an energy
burst that is the same color as their hair.


(Latin for right) - GOTT ES Member (S Class), partner to Sinistra. Special ability: "Anywhere".
Dextera has a reputation for being the victor of numerous battles in
the past. He also has strong leadership characteristics. The right hand
man of Eclipse, he has a long period of respect among the GOTT. The
abilities of both him and Sinistra seem to be a mystery. However, both
have plenty of strength and speed.

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