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Cesario si Viola

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Cesario si Viola

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(From Shakespeare's Twelfth Night) - GOTT ES Member (C Class), apparent age 18, partner to Viola. Special ability: "Driver".
Cesario is the older partner of Viola. He is seen to be a mostly
silent person, almost never speaking out loud. Instead, he is usually
seen communicating to Viola by whispering in her ear. Cesario seems to
prefer communicating with body language instead of voice. He is often
an indecisive person, usually on the losing side of his arguments with
Viola. His power, "Driver", has no use on its own but when in contact
with Viola, it serves as a source of energy for her ability


(From Shakespeare's Twelfth Night) - GOTT ES Member (C Class), apparent age 9, partner to Cesario. Special ability: "Calamity".
The youngest member of the ES Force, Viola is one of the more
precocious members. She also seems to be the main voice of her
partnership with Cesario. She often gives the other ES Members
nicknames. Viola is also a "C Class" member and, although Eclair and
Lumiere are actually G-class, can prove to be a powerful adversity to
Eclair and Lumiere. Her power "Calamity", which allows her to disperse
matter at the molecular level. The ability requires a great deal of
energy and is supplied by Cesario's "Driver" ability; therefore, Viola
can only use her ability when she is in physical contact with Cesario.
Viola is also often seen with a cute stuffed animal named Dragon Papi.
She enjoys Italian food and argues with Cesario about where to eat.sursa wikipedia

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