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Magical JxR

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AuthorLee Sun-young
IllustratorKine In Aqua
Years of Released:2007

JayJay is an over achieving wizard at wizard academy who draws power from water. He is Aru's partner and constantly gets mad at him for being lazy and some times dumb. He occasionally gets angry and yells at Cho-ah and Aru. He has been seen to have a soft side and comforts his friends when they are depressed and often does them favors without asking them
Aru is lazy and over emotional wizard at his wizard academy along with Jay as his partner. Aru draws
power from fire making he often gets emotional and has a weakness for candy, specifically peach flavored candy. he is very kind and often tries to cheer Cho-Ah when upset.

Cho-Ah Nam
Cho-Ah is the daughter Taekwondoe Olympic champion, and due to her father, she learned to give fierce high kicks before learning how to spell. Because of her fierce high kicks, most people are afraid of her and perceive her as male. She is often seen to have an interest in Märchen, specifically Alice In Wonderland.(sursa wikipedia)
Graphic Designer

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