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Mirrors from the Past (Illustrated Story)

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Mirrors from the Past (Illustrated Story)

Mesaj Scris de Love la data de Mier 29 Dec 2010, 14:42

This is the first Sims 2 story I'm writing, so please, don't be too harsh.Also, my English isn't that great, but I try writing as correct as I can.
I had the idea last year, but, back then, I tried making a movie and I decided it was too hard, so I gave up.Now, only with pictures, is not so complicated, so I hope you'll like it ^^ The first chapters are mostly cute and sweet (or that was my initial intention), but then everything will become a little more dramatic.

Mirrors from the Past

31 August 1999

I remember the last summer day of that year.
I was only 23 and it was my first year of teaching, so I was excited and a little nervous, but I couldn't wait for the school to start.
I was simply watching the sky and I was trying to imagine my mother, as a child, living here, on the island.

A cold and salty breeze, with the smell of the sea, made me realize that this will be my new life from now on.

My name is Julia Morgan and, until now, I used to live in San Francisco.I was born and raised there.
It was my father's city, but my mother moved there when she started college.So she met my father and, they say, it was love at first sign.

They married and two years later they started a family.I have an older brother,Peter, who stil lives there and works as a doctor.

After I finished college I decided to leave the city and to move on my mother's native island.
And so I sealed my life, with the dreariness' sign.

But I couldn't know this back then.I was simply too naive and hopeful.I thought I was happy.

I moved in my mother's old house from the first day when I arrived on the island.It was an old house, but somehow it made me feel home.
Outside the small town, on a hill, not far away from the sea, I could smell the salt flavor of the waves, split on the rocks.

1 September 1999

I stayed late last night and I watched the sky.Here, on the island, the stars look much different.
The house feels somehow strange, because I know that my mother's family lived here for a couple of generations and my mother lived here too until she went to college, but it makes me feel closer to her.My mother died when I was 7 years old and I don't have too many memories with her.
But I remember her hair, smelling like lavender and her gentle voice.

I felt asleep with my mother's face in my mind and I dreamed about her.But the morning came too soon and I left in hurry, heading to school.

And there I was, in the classroom.For my first teaching day.
This year I will be a teacher for the 1st grade and I can't wait to meet the children.

"Miss Morgan, right?" I heard a voice and two pairs of steps on the flooring.
I smiled to her and I agreed.
"I'm Silvia Anderson, the art teacher.Nice to meet you." she continued, while I was watching the little black haired girl who was hiding behind her.
"Nice to meet you too.Please, have a seat."
"I'm afraid that I can't.I have to help Kate with her class.I just wanted to say hi and ... if you ever need some help, just ask me.Also, she's my daughter, Marie."
The little girl smiled, but remained quiet.
"She will be in your class, but she is a little shy."
"No problem.Nice to meet you, Marie.Don't be afraid.School's not that bad.You'll se when you will meet your class mates and you will make some
new friends."
"Thank you."
She smiled and relaxed a little.Then her mother kissed her and left, so she went to her seat.

The class started and I met the children.Some of them were shy, but I was a little nervous too, so, by the end of the day, everything was fine.
Marie made some friends too and I was her playing with them in the school yard.

"How was your first day here?" I saw Silvia, appearing trough the open door.
"The children just left.But it was fine.It's the first time when I teach and I really liked it.And Marie ... she's very sweet.And she's a smart child too.She was a little shy at the beginning, but her class mates rally helped her."
"Yes ... She changed very much since her father died, last year.I tried to give her time to get over it, but ... I think it was just too painful for her.I glad that now she starts communicating again."
I spent the next two hours with Silvia, while we tried to make the lesson plan for tomorrow.

"Well, thank you for everything." I said when I saw that it was getting late."I have to return home.I'm afraid that living in an old house is not as easy as I thought.I have to paint the exterior walls and ... let's just say that I'm not exactly an artist."
"You know, you don't have to work alone.You live here now, so you're part of the community.I'll talk to my brother and I'm sure he'll be happy to
help you.He's an artist most of the time, but he also work as a house painter."
She didn't accept a refuse, so I had to accept and I thanked her again, for everything.

That evening Peter called from San Francisco and I was really happy to hear him.We talked about our childhood memories.

I fell asleep on the couch.


A boy and a girl can be just friends eventually one of them will fall for the other, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late or maybe, just maybe ... forever.

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Re: Mirrors from the Past (Illustrated Story)

Mesaj Scris de Love la data de Sam 12 Feb 2011, 20:51

Second chapter is up! ^^ Well, the third chapter is ready too, but I don't want to rush and I will post only one chapter now.

Mirrors from the past

4 September 1999

A week already passed since I'm here, on the island.Life's easy here because every day is almost the same as another.And I like this, because it makes me feel safe.Children also accommodated with school and I spend most of my time there or with Silvia.
It is my first weekend here and Silvia insisted that her brother will come to help me paint the walls.I already told her that is no need to bother him with something like this, but she was very determined so I couldn't say no.
Well, people here are very kind so I don't want to offend them.

It was a little past nine in the morning when he rang at the door.
"Hi, you must be Miss Morgan, right?" he said, smiling.
I simply stood there, watching him.And I felt my cheeks burning.I smiled too and I blushed a little, while responding.
"Call me Julia.And ... thank you for accepting to help me.Please, come in."
"I'm Chris, nice to meet you.Silvia told me that you're the new teacher " he responded, while entering the house."By the way, Marie talks about you all the day."

After I explained him what we have to do (of course, I insisted to help too, even if I'm not so good when it comes to paint ... and brushes) we started.
We spent all the morning and some of the afternoon painting and talking.
"So ... you moved here last week, right?"
I agreed, and, before I thought about an answer, I gave him the brush, because my hands were already full of blue paint.
"I guess life in San Francisco wasn't for me ... I always felt like I don't belong there ... "
"But why this island?It's not exactly the most famous place and it's a little far from San Francisco."
"My mother grew up here.She moved to the city when she went to college."
After that we continued talking about our lives.
He was a painter and occasionally a musician (or an "artist", because that's how everybody from the island called him), but he usually worked like this, when somebody needed some help.He was also 6 years younger than his sister, Silvia.

"Be careful ... you just slipped some paint on the third stair ... "
Well ... I wasn't careful.Not all all.Because the next thing I remember was my foot, sliding and me falling from the staircase.
I was lucky enough that he caught me in time.Of course, two seconds after me, my brush and the paint box from the stair also fell and we were now all blue.I didn't know what to do and how to apologize, but he simply stood up and started laughing, while helping me get up.
"You ok?"
I smiled and thanked him, while I helped him to wipe off the paint on his cheek.
"I think that's all for today ... "
I agreed.

"I guess you're hungry ... Especially after all the mess I managed to create today ... Want to come in and eat something?"
We ate lunch together and we continued talking.I kept apologizing, while he kept assuring me that it wasn't my fault and that he has no reason to be angry with me.

He left a little later.
"Thank you again for everything."
"Do me a favor: don't clean the paint from the terrace" he said, looking at the clutter we left after we finished painting.
"So that I'll have to come again tomorrow and help you." He smiled and I felt my cheeks burning again.I agreed and waved, while watching him leaving.

"He likes you."
I cough and I felt the coffee burning my lips.
"No he doesn't.He was simply polite because he saw how ... clumsy I was today ..."
"Oh Julia, how can you be so blind ...?I know him.He likes you."
And she continued, trying to convince me.
Later that afternoon, Silvia called and invited me to have a coffee at her.
"He's not that bad ... he's an artist ... he'll write you poems ... "
"Oh, you're talking like an ignorant teenager!"
"Hey!I know my brother ... he's a romantic ... "
I looked at her and, from the look in her eyes I knew she was right.Chris' face and his voice came in my mind and, because I blushed, Silvia
stopped talking and looked at me.
"Ok.Do what you want.But sooner or later, you'll see that I was right."
I smiled at her.
I never remembered her words until now, when they came in my mind.She was right.He was a romantic, a poet.An artist.

11 September 1999

I woke up with the sweet scent of roses in contrast with the salt flavor of the sea.First I thought that I was still dreaming, because I went to bed very late last night, but ... somehow it felt real.And when I went downstairs I saw it was real.

There were roses on the porch.Red roses, with a small note.
I read it while I drank my tea and I couldn't help but smile and agree.
I was restless the rest of the morning, but I decided not to tell Silvia about the roses and the note.Anyway, she'll find out somehow.

I dressed up in a simple blue dress and I went to the beach.
It was so different from what I expected to see.Back in San Francisco the beaches were full of people and here ... there was no one.Only the sun,
the waves and the sand.
"Guess who?"
Well, there was no need to think more.I knew his voice ...
I turned and I recognized him.He smiled at me, with his tanned skin emphasizing his white teeth.
"I'm glad you came.Hope you liked my Good Morning.Come!I want you to see something!"
He took my hand and then he started running on the beach.We stopped a couple of minutes later, somewhere near the waves, where he had his easel.
"Like it?"
There were seagulls ... that's when I recognized their squeals, in the offshore.
"They're beautiful ... " I murmured and sat on the sand, while he continued painting.
I watched the sky and then I closed my eyes ...

Salt water on my lips and on my cheeks made me shudder.I opened my eyes and I saw Chris' face leaned over me.I blushed again, but I got up.
His hair was wet and I saw water droplets on his skin.
"Come!The water is great!You'll see!"
I undressed and I left my dress on the sand, while we both ran in the waves.
We spent all the afternoon swimming, sunbathing and walking on the beach.

Soon, the sunset came ...
"You know ... I used to came here ... watch the sky, listen the sound on the waves ... But I never brought someone here, with me.It was my secret
place ... my sanctuary.I came here to find my inspiration ...But I'm glad you came too. "
I put my head on his shoulder and I closed my eyes, as the golden evening light was falling on us ...

In the morning, when I opened my eyes, I recognized my room.I got up a little confused and, when I went in the kitchen, I saw Christian, preparing
the breakfast.
"Good morning" he smiled, handing me a glass with orange juice."Breakfast ready in 4 minutes.Hope you don't mind I brought you here ... You fell
asleep on the sand last evening and I knew your house was close, so ... Oh and ... I slept on the couch too."
I watched him, preparing the breakfast and talking about yesterday, unable to say anything.
When everything was ready and we sat at the table, I thanked him and we finally started talking.


A boy and a girl can be just friends eventually one of them will fall for the other, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late or maybe, just maybe ... forever.

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